Is A Cavity A Dental Emergency?

June 19, 2024

Is A Cavity A Dental Emergency

Pretty much everyone has had a cavity at some point in their lives. Cavities are common among kids, preteens, teenagers, and adults. Even with good at-home dental care and six-month preventive visits at Staten Island Dental Boutique, you can still sometimes get a cavity. 

Maybe you suspect that you have a new cavity right now! What should you do? Do you need emergency dental care from a dentist in Staten Island? Or can you wait to get treatment when it’s more convenient for your schedule? Read on and get all the answers you need.

What Are Cavities?

First, let’s discuss the basics of cavities and how they happen. Cavities happen when extensive and untreated tooth decay destroys the outer layer of your enamel. This leaves a hole or “cavity” in your tooth. Cavities look like small pits or holes in your teeth. 

These holes are often surrounded by dark, brown, or otherwise discolored tooth enamel. Cavities can be hard to see, though, especially if they happen between your teeth or in your back teeth. Even if you can’t see your cavity you may notice other symptoms like tooth sensitivity or pain when you bite down on food.

What Causes Tooth Decay And Cavities?

Cavities happen when extensive and untreated tooth decay destroys the outer layer of your enamel. As oral bacteria consume food particles in your mouth, they excrete acid that slowly attacks your healthy tooth structure and erodes it. Eventually, this compromises the structure and leads to a cavity.

If you don’t get treatment for a cavity, this decay will continue to get worse. Since there’s a hole in your tooth, food particles will get trapped in the area and bacteria will continue to feed on them. Eventually, the decay will reach all the way into the interior of your tooth. This is known as a “tooth infection,” and usually requires treatment with root canal therapy.

When Are Cavities Considered To Be A Dental Emergency?

Most of the time, cavities are not considered to be dental emergencies. It’s important to get treatment like a dental filling as soon as possible, of course. Proper treatment stops the cavity from getting worse, relieves your symptoms, and restores your oral health. But if you think you have a cavity, it usually won’t hurt to wait a few days to schedule your consultation at Staten Island Dental Boutique. Give us a call at (347) 391-4393 and we’ll find a time that works for your busy schedule.

There are exceptions, though. If you have a deep cavity that has turned into a tooth infection, you may have a painful toothache that won’t go away. If this is the case, you should see Dr. Ronan and our team for emergency dental treatment in Staten Island. The sooner you get treatment with root canal therapy in Staten Island, the more likely it is that we will be able to save your tooth. 

Worried About Cavities? Get Treatment At Staten Island Dental Boutique!

Tooth decay can happen to anyone. So if you think that you have a cavity or even an infected tooth, Dr. Ronan is here to help. You can contact Staten Island Dental Boutique online or give us a call at (347) 391-4393 to schedule your consultation right away. We’ll fit you in as soon as possible and provide you with the expert dental treatment you need in Staten Island.

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